HOW TO: A Guide to the Louvre, Paris

Hey everyone! As you may have figured out by now, I am a lover of Paris and all things French! One of my absolute favourite tourist attractions in the beautiful city is, as you can imagine, the Louvre. Whether you’re planning a visit simply for the Mona Lisa or to browse the seemingly never ending galleries of artworks, here is a simply guide for you to follow in preparation to ensure your day is perfect!


Reigning as the world’s most visited museum, Musèe du Louvre boasts a ridiculously huge collection of magnificent and beautiful artworks crossing the centuries. As such, it’s incredibly important that for your own visit to the prestigious Louvre, you have some sort of plan in action. The Louvre Website contains all the information and graphics needed for you to create a rough plan of your day and ensure you cover and see most things you want to!


While a plan is essential for any day out, you always need to leave room for something to slightly awry. For example, my last trip to the Louvre (April 2015), there was a strike the morning we went and, even visiting as a pre-booked group, we waited an extra half hour or so to enter. Moral of the story, the French aren’t exactly the most reliable but, more than just that, anything could go wrong, like one of the galleries you wanted to visit being closed or, well, anything really!



The food and drink available in and around the Louvre is rather expensive! However, I do bear good news as the mall underneath the Louvre’s infamous dome has a few home comforts, such as Starbuck’s, for moderately-priced indulgences.


Obviously waiting in line to enter the Louvre is rather frustrating as you will undoubtedly be bursting with excitement, but don’t let the charming exterior of the museum pass you by! The courtyard alone is famous in it’s own right due to it’s aesthetics, architecture and striking view all the way to Arc d’Triomphe! Essentially, every moment of your holiday is special so soak up the Parisian atmosphere and beauty while you wait!



Yes, the majority of visitors to the Louvre will be searching primarily for the Mona Lisa. Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’d be a shame not to see it. However, the Louvre, as I said before, is so huge and bursting at the seams with incredible art, from romantic masterpieces to intricately designed and created sculptures. So don’t go rushing through all of the galleries to get a snap of Da Vinci’s finest as there’s so much more to see than just that!

So there you have it, my top tips to enjoy your visit to the Louvre! Any other tips or stories from your own visit? Comment below!

Bethany xx

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