HOW TO: Best views of the Eiffel Tower

Visible from nearly anywhere in the city as it towers above all the romantic architecture, here are my favourite three places to marvel at the Eiffel Tower and take Instagram-ready photos!


Yes, the Eiffel Tower provides the perfect view of the centre of Paris but in order to get a good view of the tower itself, your best option is to head to Trocadèro, directly opposite the Seine from the tower. For directions on how to get here, the metro is probably your best bet and info can be found here.

RECOMMENDATION: I’ve been here during both day and night and by far the most spectacular view is when is during the lights show just after sundown.



Just out of the city of centre and home to the Sacre Couer, this beautiful and artsy region of Paris provides the perfect viewpoint of the tower and it’s surrounds. While there, head off to a cute Parisian cafe or visit the notorious Moulin Rouge if you go after dark!


As expected, this historical landmark provides an amazing snapshot of the city and, most noticeably, La Tour Eiffel.

Bethany xx

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