Top 5 American Cities

1. New York, New York


Despite being somewhat geared up around tourism, New York is as charming and awe striking as in the movies. With many of the island’s attractions being regularly featured in popular culture, there’s something for absolutely everybody to recognise and enjoy. Walking around the city, either in day or night, is absolutely breath taking.

2. Santa Monica, California


Situated further out of the central tourist district of Los Angeles, this absolutely stunning beachside town is the perfect getaway for all people of all interest, whether it be shopping, dining or looking for the next great adventure.

3. Disneyland, California


While this doesn’t strictly qualify as city, this is one of the greatest places I’ve ever been to. Truly living up their their slogan, the happiest place on earth, Disneyland offers an exciting range of places to eat, shop and play. No matter how old you are, I would highly recommend this destination as the perfect place to relax, unwind and rediscover your inner child.

4. San Diego, California


One of all time favourite locations! The architecture is probably the highlight – beautiful Spanish/Mexican designs everywhere! Historically such an interesting and vibrant city, don’t miss the opportunity to fully explore the city by allowing lots of time. Additionally, I took a day trip to Mexico from here which was a truly eye opening experience and can’t recommend highly enough!

5. Washington DC

IMG_8375 IMG_8384

Not your typical tourist destination, this is a fabulous place to visit if you wish to stay off the beaten track to an extent. Full of history, incredible architecture and just a generally great atmosphere. 10/10 would go again, however, this isn’t really a weekend location as, if you wish to discover all it has to offer, it would take a couple of days if not a few weeks.

*all photos taken by me*

xx Bethany 🙂

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